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The Blood That Bonds (II AM Trilogy #1)

The Blood That Bonds - Christopher Buecheler When I checked this one out, I did so mostly because it had a cool looking cover and I was into reading some horror type works. I didnt know going in what sort of tale I was getting into. Once I realized it was a vampire story, I was a bit worried, as they are not usually my kind of thing. But I have to say that I really and thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters, especially the MC, Two were vibrant and interesting. Christopher's writing style is active and engaging. I even fell in love with the male lead (yummy and dark -- my kinda guy) and other prominent characters in the "family". The beginning of the book really drew me in and got my sympathy for Two going right off the bat. Heroine addict and abused prostitute in a bad situation -- easy to root for an underdog like that.As the story progresses, we get a more detailed look at the vampire family that Two has been brought into -- Her Master (maker, Thereon is easy to fall for, as are the other siblings in the clan.There were parts of this one that actually made me cry (so not going to spoil anything) and I haven't read a book that could do that in a long time.Will definitely be checking out the next in this series, Blood Hunt, which is due for release later this month.I highly recommend this one if you enjoy vamp tales. However, I would say this is NOTHING like the Twighlight vamps -- so if that is what you are looking for -- this may not be the book for you.